[OpenLayers-Dev] RC3 needed

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Thu Apr 26 10:52:02 EDT 2007

So, we need an RC3, because Bart's marker issue is a regression from
2.3, caused by Schuyler and I tweaking the zoomChanged code, so far as I
can tell. (#681)

I've pulled in Andreas's GML fid parsing fixes (with tests), and created
a patch with tests for #680, with the idea in mind that it's small and

I'm not sure I really like #681 -- it means that if you don't put a zoom
level in your initial setCenter, the map no longer defaults to zoom
level 0. I can cook up a more complex patch which checks if the zoom
level is null, sets zoomChanged, and then sets it to 0 -- or something 
like that --  if people would want to. I'm not sure how important that

Feedback on #681 is encouraged, and if someone could do a quick review
of #680, I'd appreciate that too.

(Also, if you have any other bugs that didn't exist in 2.3, please bring
them forward now!)

Christopher Schmidt

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