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     I am using OpenLayers to develop a GIS. I am using GeoServer as teh WMS Server and PostGIS as the database. I have point, line and polygon information stored in PostGIS. For example I have a set of points and I use WMS to display the point features in teh UI using OL

untiled_devices = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS(
"Nodes", "http://localhost:8080/geoserver/wms",
     transparent: 'true',
     singleTile: 'true',
     format: 'image/png'
isBaseLayer: false} 

Now I want the user to select some points and do some actions appropriately. Now teh requirement is to be able to select independent features from the layer as shown above. Say for example I display 20 points using the above layer the user should be able to select some 10 out of them by clicking on them. Also as and when he selects the selection needs to be shown. The similar requirement is there for otyher shapes also like polygon and lines..What I want is from the WMS layer got from GeoServer I need to interpret the variuos features based on user interaction..

Also is it posible to have hyperlink over the features of a layer for example I want to have hyperlink for all points in the layer so that user when he clicks it goes to a popup page..

Can somebody help me out with these. Any examples would also be very useful..

Thanks in advance

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