[OpenLayers-Dev] Null basemap?

Jeff Yutzler jeff.yutzler at ionicenterprise.com
Mon Dec 10 15:54:59 EST 2007

In the past we've always been told that you must have a basemap to use 
OpenLayers.  "So many things are keyed off of the base map, it must be 
there or things just won't work."  However, I find this to be an awkward 
constraint, particularly if you have an OGC context that you are 
loading.  OGC contexts have no knowledge of the concept of base map - 
everything is just a layer and the "basemap" is naturally the bottom 
layer of the context.  To get around this, I developed a dummy "Null" 
basemap class that always returns blank.gif.  Is this an acceptable 
solution to the problem?  If so, would this be a worthwhile ticket/patch 
to provide?
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