[OpenLayers-Dev] Displaying GPS data graphically

Clare Lindley mrsourkid at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 11:06:11 EST 2007

(Apologies if this has been posted twice, I am new to this list and have
only just subscribed - wanted to doublecheck my post had made it)

I am very new to OpenLayers and mapping. I'm trying to display some KML data
on a map using a KML layer over a Google map base layer, but have been
having problems in getting the points to display accurately in Firefox.

I just wondered what other layer types I could use to display information
graphically - I had a look at the WMS layer documentation, and have a little
understanding of this but I need clarification on a few things:

1. Is WMS like a map web service?

2. If I have a WMS layer on top of a Google Map layer, is it fairly
straightforward to get the 2 maps to 'line up' ?

3. How does a CGI WMS request work? What format can the map data be in, and
what is the 'wms.cgi' script required to do to process this data in order to
return a graphical representation of it?

4. WMS hosting - is it fairly straightforward to configure an existing IIS
webserver to handle WMS requests?

Many thanks in advance!

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