[OpenLayers-Dev] refresh layers

Angus Carr angus.carr at gmail.com
Fri May 18 12:27:38 EDT 2007

I have a time-sensitive layer which I need to reload on a regular
basis. Until we started using OpenLayers, we used to reload the whole
page on a timer. That approach now would re-zoom back to the full
extent. I'd like users to be able to monitor a district for lightning
strikes by zooming it and leaving it zoomed while it auto-refreshes
the layers every five minutes.

I'm new here, and love the application (now that it's installed :-).
It's going to revolutionize our use of maps away from a main mapserver
with everything on it to a set of individual themed maps with specific
tailored information.

I am part of a provincial forest fire agency, and we monitor all sorts
of time-sensitive data. Lightning is one of the datasets, but we'd
also like to layer in aircraft locations, forest fire perimeters,
forecast fire perimeters, and so on.

Angus Carr.

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