[OpenLayers-Dev] some talking points

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Wed May 30 10:01:47 EDT 2007

Tim Schaub and i got a chance to talk after I had had a couple drinks
last night, but not too many to remember some of what we were talkin

 * Wrapping the world sucks. If the concern is about the ability to
   fill in empty gaps in map space, 'wrapping the world' is a bit more
   simplistic, because we can just wrap tiles in a special WMS-like
   layer. See Tim's comment to http://trac.openlayers.org/ticket/487 for
   example of why wrapping vectors over the dateline sucks.

 * The WFS Format accepts params (options, layer). This was my
   stupitidty.  I was thinking I wanted to maintain API compatibility
   with the subclass, but that doesn't actually make any sense, since
   layer is required, and options isn't. He owuld like to see this
   change. If we were to change this, I think it would be possible to
   write a small snippet of code to swap the two if the one has a
   CLASS_NAME, so it shouldn't actually be a non-backwards compatible

 * Hm. I'm forgetting. I know there was at least one other thing... oh,
   clipping of SVG features. Tim thinks that perhaps doing some ratio
   stuff will help us out. I'm looking forward to his suggestions in
   this regard. (Goddamn maxPixel)

I'm sure Tim will let me know what I've missed.   

Where 2.0 Conference is still ongoing: lots of user interest in
OpenLayers, and two people actually told me last night that I was the
best presentation they saw all day, so I'm pretty happy. (I presented on
OpenLayers, for those of you who haven't been paying attention ;)) 

Christopher Schmidt

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