[OpenLayers-Dev] text rendering support in openlayers for wfs layers

Bart van den Eijnden (OSGIS) bartvde at osgis.nl
Mon Nov 5 14:48:24 EST 2007

Probably there has been duplicate development here, since there is also 
a sandbox from CampToCamp if I recall correctly: But if you zoom in in 
that sandbox in IE you get duplicate text labels.


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dave c schreef:
> I posted on this last month but i didnt get any response so i went ahead 
> anyways. Now what i put together is only a first pass of sorts and is a 
> little crude in places but i was hoping that someone here could have a look 
> at it and tell me if it could be used within openlayers as i dont want to 
> have to continually be updating it myself. Of course you may not like the way 
> i went about it or have no plans to implement text rendering.
> Using openlayers 2.5 stable, I created a patch for this version if anyone 
> wants to have a  look. The patch is called patch.txt and is attached to this 
> mail. So run "patch -p0 < ../patch.txt" to update.
> Just a few quick points and issues i had.
> One reason to get text rendering working for example was, i needed to be able 
> to output the names of certain hospitals on a map centered on there point on 
> the map. Firstly i have "extractAttributes: true" and added an layer option 
> called  "textAttrToDisplay" which is the name of the attribute to be 
> displayed within each feature that was coming from my database.
> Now biggest issue i had was in svg the text was rendering upside down due to 
> the "transform scale(1,-1)" and so i just created a 2nd root node called 
> textroot which i appended to the renderedRoot and added all text nodes to it 
> instead. Of course this wasn't an issue in vml. Is there a better way ?
> I tried finding a quick example that you could quickly test this out on 
> yourselves, but all the wfs examples i looked at in openlayers did not return 
> any other data except there co-ordinates, but i assume a number of ye would 
> be able to get it running quickly with your own local datasets.
> So as an example of its use, say this is some of the data returned from my 
> database, 
> <gml:featureMember>
> 	<fs:hospital fid="1">
> 	<fs:geometry>
> 	<gml:Point>
> <gml:coordinates>99771.29,47991.03</gml:coordinates>
> </gml:Point>
> </fs:geometry>
> <fs:hospname>Bantry</fs:hospname>
> <fs:county>Co Cork</fs:county>
> <fs:he_admin_area>South</fs:he_admin_area>
> <fs:address>Bantry</fs:address>
> <fs:recordno>21</fs:recordno>
> <fs:regionname>Region 2</fs:regionname>
> </fs:hospital>
> </gml:featureMember>
> And i wanted to display the hospital name, i would add textAttrToDisplay as an 
> option to the layer with the value hospname.
> var lOptions = {
> extractAttributes: true,
> textAttrToDisplay : 'hospname'
> }
> layer2 = new 
> OpenLayers.Layer.WFS( "Hospital", "http://localhost/~dave/featureserver/featureserver.cgi/hospital?format=WFS", 
> { maxfeatures:10},  lOptions);
> map.addLayer(layer2);
> Just looking for a bit of advice on this. Am i going about it the right way,  
> and could i eventually submit this, so i wouldn't have to maintain it with 
> with each update to openlayers itself.
> Thanks 
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