[OpenLayers-Dev] manual acceptance tests

Tim Schaub tschaub at openplans.org
Fri Nov 9 11:50:53 EST 2007


Our automated tests are a mix of acceptance and unit tests.  These are 
nice (because they are automated), but we need more (manual) acceptance 
tests to fully test things like the renderers.

Instead of scattering manual acceptance tests in the examples directory, 
I'd like to have an "acceptance" directory in our "tests" directory (or 
"manual" if that makes more sense to folks).  This would make it clear 
for developers what acceptance tests needed to be run manually, and 
would make it less confusing to users who poke around the examples 
directory and stumble into the weird examples that are actually tests 
(speaking for myself here).

Anyone opposed?  Or got a better idea?

Barring feedback, I think I'll make such a change on Monday.  (This will 
only involve adding a directory to the tests directory and starting to 
compile regular manual acceptance tests there.)


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