[OpenLayers-Dev] manual acceptance tests

Erik Uzureau erik.uzureau at metacarta.com
Fri Nov 9 15:29:06 EST 2007

This sounds like a brilliant idea to me and I am heavily in favour.

It seems like just adding one directory might be a little short though
maybe we could do something like:

openlayers/trunk/tests/unit (for the current file-by-file tests?)

Also, I think its probably a good time to start looking into a
post-commit hook (only on trunk, of course) that runs the unit tests.
I don't personally have the first clue as to how to do that but
someone out there must? I think it would be a helpful addition to our
process and (realistically) wouldn't hinder the dev process hardly at


On 11/9/07, Tim Schaub <tschaub at openplans.org> wrote:
> Hey-
> Our automated tests are a mix of acceptance and unit tests.  These are
> nice (because they are automated), but we need more (manual) acceptance
> tests to fully test things like the renderers.
> Instead of scattering manual acceptance tests in the examples directory,
> I'd like to have an "acceptance" directory in our "tests" directory (or
> "manual" if that makes more sense to folks).  This would make it clear
> for developers what acceptance tests needed to be run manually, and
> would make it less confusing to users who poke around the examples
> directory and stumble into the weird examples that are actually tests
> (speaking for myself here).
> Anyone opposed?  Or got a better idea?
> Barring feedback, I think I'll make such a change on Monday.  (This will
> only involve adding a directory to the tests directory and starting to
> compile regular manual acceptance tests there.)
> Tim
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