[OpenLayers-Dev] MozMapLayers : an OpenLayers XUL adaptation

Glen Stampoultzis gstamp at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 19:36:52 EST 2007

Is there any way to specify a http proxy?

On 10/11/2007, rldhont <rldhont at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi OpenLayers dev!
> I, from the french 3Liz team, released an add-on for Firefox,
> Thunderbird and XulRunner based on OpenLayers : MozMapLayers. With
> MozMaplayers, OpenLayers now works in XUL environment and provides new
> features as OpenLayers.Layer.mozStorage. Such a layer is read from a
> local SQLite database. The geometry must be stored as Well Known Text.
> The 3liz team's objective is to provide a GIS toolkit for mozilla (XUL)
> environment. Because OpenLayers is a good JavaScript lib, we decided to
> adapt it. I made little changes like replace createElement by
> createElementNS, and create an Overlay to include OpenLayers lib in XUL
> windows. The current MozMapLayers version is 0.9 because we would like
> to add mozilla specific feature.
> You can try MozMapLayers via a little demo named LiziLayers, to create
> and test OpenLayers scripts in HTML or XUL context.
> I hope this will interest you.
> Best regards,
> René-Luc D'Hont
> 3Liz
> 3liz Web site : http://3liz.com/en
> MozMapLayers Web site : http://3liz.org/mozmaplayers
> LiziLayers Web site : http://3liz.org/lizilayers
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