[OpenLayers-Dev] WMC

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Mon Nov 12 10:32:18 EST 2007

Hi Gianni,
status of OWS Context is related to OLON development.
There is enough code not to let you start from scratch and I guess you 
could be interested to participate.

the sandbox is

the examples I'm working on are:


OWC (OWS Context)

import for WMC should work. Not all cases are considerate. Export, 
should be rudimentary.

Import for OWC is in definition due to the help Tom Kralidis from OGC is 
giving us to extend version 0.2.1
Export is not yet implemented
Anyway WMS layers are already supported, as for WMC, while we are facing 
some problems with WFS (FeatureType). es:

to understand OLON, have a look at olon.html example made by Tim.

if you want to plug in, you are welcome.
in this case take your time to have a look at the code and don't 
hesitate to ask.


Gianni Barrotta wrote:
> Hi list, I'm going to add wmc support to my map.
> I need to load a basic wmc and show that "state" on a map, a toc and a legend.
> I know that someone (Tim,Lorenzo,...) is trying to implemement some
> type of wmc support on OL,
> I wonder if this would become a ticket or is just a "work in progress"
> in one sandbox...
> Thank's.
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