[OpenLayers-Dev] doc search

Tim Schaub tschaub at openplans.org
Fri Nov 16 13:44:47 EST 2007


Since virtual hosts are cheap, I was wondering if the URLs for the docs 
might be changed to


Google does pretty well with searches for things like "openlayers 
apidocs vector layer".

That would be a more guessable query if it were something like 
"openlayers api vector layer" or "openlayers docs vector layer" (in my 

On the subject of google doing well with search results, I've found this 
to be a pretty nice custom search:

I've only limited it to a few sites - and since nabble's urls suck, it's 
a bit too generic - but it gives pretty good results.  E.g. a search for 
"vector layer" yields our dev docs 

Anyway, those custom search results can be embedded in any page - I 
tried quickly on the wiki and had no luck.  I'm sure a bit more 
tinkering would get it on the website somewhere.

So, I guess this is two proposals:

1) what about new URL for the docs?

2) any sense in embedding a custom search in the website (major caveat: 
results come with ads).


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