[OpenLayers-Dev] WMS GetCapabilities Requst

Ganesh Jothikumar ganeshjothikumar at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 26 08:40:27 EST 2007

Hi All

        I am using OpenLayers with GeoServer. I am using OpenLayers JavaScript APIs to render the WMS layers present in GeoServer. Of the layers I have one base layer and multiple overlays. Now I need to specify the bounding box values for the base map coverage layer in the OpenLayers.WMS function (maxExtent : bounds ) For thst I need to get the values from the GeoServer. After consulting the GeoServer guys I came to know that I have to do a WMS GetCapabilities request and parse the returned XML to get the BBox for my layer. What I want to know is how to make a WMS GetCapabilities request using OpenLayers and parse the returned XML. Any example would be highly useful. Or let me know if there is any other way of solving this...

Thanks in advance

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