[OpenLayers-Dev] WMS GetCapabilities Requst

Mike Adair madair at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Nov 26 15:23:24 EST 2007

It should also be pointed out that there are application frameworks that 
already implement support for this sort of thing and use OpenLayers as 
the mapping API, such as MapBuilder 
(http://communitymapbuilder.osgeo.org/) and there are a few others.  I 
may be wrong but OpenLayers was originally intended to be an API for 
frameworks like these to use, and it is very good at that.


Bart van den Eijnden (OSGIS) wrote:
> Try something like:
> var url = layer.getFullRequestString({REQUEST: "GetCapabilities"});
> OpenLayers.loadURL(url, '', null, function(response) {
> alert(response.responseText); });
> Replace the alert with something to parse the XML, like somebody suggested
> before use Format.XML.
> Best regards,
> Bart
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> Bart van den Eijnden
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> Van: Ganesh Jothikumar <ganeshjothikumar at yahoo.com>
> Naar: rldhont <rldhont at gmail.com>, dev at openlayers.org <dev at openlayers.org>
> Onderwerp: Re: [OpenLayers-Dev] WMS GetCapabilities Requst
> Datum: 26/11/07 11:56
>> Hi rldhont
>> &nbsp;
> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
> Thanks for the reply. yes I am aware of the XML format. And thanks for the
> example also.&nbsp;But what I want is how to make the WMS GetCapabilities
> request from Java Script using the OL APIs. It will be very helpfult if
> someone could help me with a few lines of code..
>> &nbsp;
>> Thanks
>> ganesh
>> ----- Original Message ----From: rldhont &lt;rldhont at gmail.com&gt;To:
> dev at openlayers.orgSent: Monday, 26 November, 2007 7:18:10 PMSubject: Re:
> [OpenLayers-Dev] WMS GetCapabilities RequstYou can use XML Format. Look at
> the source code of this example
> :http://openlayers.org/dev/examples/xml.html--------------------René-Luc
> D'Hont3Liz SARLblog: http://3liz.org/blog/rldhontGanesh Jothikumar a écrit
> :&gt; Hi All&gt;&nbsp; &gt;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; I am using OpenLayers
> with GeoServer. I am using OpenLayers &gt; JavaScript APIs to render the WMS
> layers present in GeoServer. Of the &gt; layers I have one base layer and
> multiple overlays. Now I need to &gt; specify
>>  the bounding box values for the base map coverage layer in the &gt;
> OpenLayers.WMS function (maxExtent : bounds ) For thst I need to get &gt;
> the values from the GeoServer. After consulting the GeoServer guys I &gt;
> came to know that I have to do a WMS GetCapabilities request and parse &gt;
> the returned XML to get the BBox for my layer. What I want to know is &gt;
> how to make a WMS GetCapabilities request using OpenLayers and parse &gt;
> the returned XML. Any example would be highly useful. Or let me know &gt; if
> there is any other way of solving this...&gt;&nbsp; &gt; Thanks in
> advance&gt; ganesh&gt;&nbsp; &gt;&gt;
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