[OpenLayers-Dev] RFC: Changing the License on OpenLayers

Jason Birch jb-openlayers at jasonbirch.com
Tue Oct 9 23:05:29 EDT 2007

Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> The Clear BSD is essentially the BSD
> license, with an extra clause that states that no patent rights are
> granted with the license.  
> Changing the release process allows us to 
> proceed with OSGeo incubation. 

Is Clear BSD an OSI-approved license, or has it been submitted to the 
OSI for approval?

I'm asking because I haven't found any information on this, and because 
there's a nasty clause in the OSGeo bylaws which affects this:

To further the goals of the corporation and to ensure that the assets of 
the corporation are utilized for public benefit, all software whose 
development is managed by the corporation shall be released under a 
software license that is designated by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) 
as one that satisfies the OSI’s requirements for Certified Open Source 



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