[OpenLayers-Dev] Problem with events in OpenLayers 2.5

victor victor laventa147 at yahoo.es
Tue Oct 16 09:38:35 EDT 2007

The same behavior. I only draw the border to define the icon area. I don't
know what is happening but the behavior is different with diferent target objects, this is:

if I code something like this 
    this.marker.events.register("mouseover",  this,
it is different than this one

    this.marker.events.register("mouseover",  this.marker,

In the second case it doesn't work in IE 6.0 neither in Firefox.



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On Tue, Oct 16, 2007 at 08:07:45AM +0000, victor victor wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I am testing OpenLayers 2.5 and I have a problem with events. Let me
 try to explain:
> I?ve created my own object that uses OpenLayers.
> Inside it, I create a new OpenLayers.Marker with its LonLat object
 and its Icon object (with a png image)
> then, I register the "mouseover" event as shown below
>                         marker.events.register("mouseover",  this,
> and 
>                         marker.icon.imageDiv.style.border="1px
> in order to see the div bounds. Then I add the marker to the layer.
> So, when I load the html page in the browser:
>     If IE 6.0
>         I can see the borders and the marker in the browser, but the
 this.mouseover function only fires if I do mouseover in the area
 situated between the borders and the image (not the image itself).
>     If Firefox 2.0
>         I can see the borders and the marker in the browser, but the
 this.mouseover function is never fired.

What happens if you remove the border?

Christopher Schmidt

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