[OpenLayers-Dev] jslint results

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Oct 16 14:31:01 EDT 2007

Thanks Erik.  Before I go ahead and make a bunch of changes, though,  
I'd like some feedback on how pedantic we should be about certain  
coding practices.  I'd like feedback from the core devs on the  
following things:

1) use of semi-colons

Should we care about certain edge cases, such as:

var f = function(){return true};

will say that you need a semi-colon after true (inside the block  
scope of the function)

2) use of curly braces around block scope

Should we care about one line cases and implied scope, such as:

if (this.singleLayer) return;

for (var i=0; i<this.grid.length; i++)
     if (this.grid[i].length) {

3) unreachable code

function foo() {
     return true;
     var test = 1;

4) missing break statements, missing break in last case of switch

5) leading or trailing decimal points



6) nested comments

/* comment

There are quite a few more options that can be used too, but are  
disabled by default because they have more of an impact on coding style.

I personally like the ones above because they are situations that can  
lead to erroneous code in a multi-developer environment.

I am also not advocating that we fix every warning that comes out of  
the tool, but rather that it can help us focus on specific potential  
problem areas - i.e. not using break statements in a switch is a  
reasonable technique in some instances.

Please give me feedback on whether you want me to vet the code for  
the above issues or not.  I will make a single commit with all the  
changes on the current trunk once it is decided what we should or  
shouldn't include.  Thereafter, I will check trunk occasionally,  
especially before we cut a release, and do touch ups as required.



> As a core committer, you should feel free to make these changes as you
> see fit. OpenLayers has a (somewhat unstated) policy that
> non-functional patches need not go through the standard
> ticket/approval system.
> ...which means that if you want to replace a missing semicolon or tab
> out a line or add a comment or something like that, you should just go
> ahead and do it. As long as it doesn't change the functioning of the
> code.
> Erik
> ps. thanks so much for taking the time to run this analysis. Looks
> like our code has not a few little oversights!
>> The regular expression one I am not so sure about.  Anyone know
>> anything about javascript syntax in this particular case?
>> Cheers
>> Paul
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