[OpenLayers-Dev] status of translation possibilities

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Oct 18 15:46:21 EDT 2007

On 18-Oct-07, at 2:31 PM, Christopher Schmidt wrote:

> setLanguage, if we're going to provide a method for it, is going to  
> need
> to be more complex than that. We'd have to loop through the controls,
> and call redraw() on them, to update their text, and I'm not sure that
> all controls would support a redraw correctly.

Could we use an event that is triggered and then controls that have  
strings can register (or be registered) for the language changing?

OpenLayers.Function.bind(this, this.onLanguageChange));

Then it is a matter of implementing support in specific controls that  
need it or can use it.  And if there are things other than controls  
that can use the current language, they can take advantage easily.   
For instance, some layer types might be able to use the current  
language for labeling.  And applications (or application frameworks)  
around OpenLayers could also take advantage of it.

We will probably want a LanguageSwitcher control that sets the  
language and tracks the current language too, mostly for testing and  

We need a way of indicating what languages to support in any given  
application, and of enumerating the supported languages through the  
OpenLayers API.

We need a way to extend the base set of translations with other,  
application-specific translations.



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