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Tim Schaub tschaub at openplans.org
Mon Oct 29 17:30:44 EDT 2007


This looks great!

My only other comment is that the "Why MapFish instead of OpenLayers?" 
question is a bit odd.  Seems sort of like asking "Why sandwich instead 
of bread?"


Eric Lemoine wrote:
> Hi OpenLayers dev!
> The Camptocamp team will soon be releasing the first version of MapFish
> (previously known as CartoWeb 4). Before the official (user) release, we want
> to make MapFish available to developers, and in particular to the OpenLayers
> dev community.
> Keep in mind that this isn't a release, there's still things to be done,
> including documentation and bug fixing.
> MapFish aims to be an easy-to-use and extensible web GIS application. MapFish
> is composed of two parts: MapFish Client and MapFish Server. MapFish Client is
> based on OpenLayers.
> For MapFish Client we've decided to move away from Dojo and use Ext [1] instead
> as the GUI framework. We're quite pleased with this change, Ext gives us
> satistaction in many respects: features, look and feel, documentation.
> Our move to Ext isn't complete yet.
> MapFish Server currently provides Python code based on gispython.org [2]
> Shapely and GeoJSON. The MapFishSample code base provides examples on
> how to use MapFish Server's Python code. MapFishSample uses the Pylons
> framework [3], with SQLAlchemy [4] as the ORM. With MapFish Server, we
> plan to build a a complete webmapping framework based on Pylons. Note
> also that MapFish Server aims to be RESTful and as compatible as
> possible with FeatureServer.
> You can visit <http://www.mapfish.org> to know more about MapFish, check out
> our demos, access the download page, register to the trac, register to the
> mailing lists, etc.
> We're looking forward to your feedback,
> [1] <http://extjs.com/>
> [2] <http://gispython.org/>
> [3] <http://pylonshq.com/>
> [4] <http://www.sqlalchemy.org/>
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