[OpenLayers-Dev] svn 1.5

Attila Csipa plists at prometheus.org.yu
Tue Aug 12 16:25:14 EDT 2008

On Tuesday 29 July 2008 20:39:33 Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> It doesn't look like Subversion 1.5 has been backported to Debian Etch
> (which is what the OL server uses), and I'd prefer not to install from
> sources other than debian repositories.

Catching up with mails after a pause... Why not backport the lenny version 
yourself ? With pbuilder (which _is_ present in etch) it's really easy and it 
won't mess up your base system. I was feeling uneasy about messy updates from 
sources on servers or glibc related update avalanches from testing until I 
discovered pbuilder which was a godsend for things already present in testing 
or unstable. I use it regularly just to keep up to date with the outdated GIS 
packages (and coincidentally svn 1.5) in Hardy and Etch. You do need a fair 
amount of space and good bandwidth, but that's usually not a problem on 

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