[OpenLayers-Dev] remove the zoom and navigate control

Eric Lemoine eric.c2c at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 00:32:36 EDT 2008

Hi. In the options passed to the map constructor try setting an empty
array to the controls property, that will force the map not to add
default controls. Eric

2008/8/19, Darko Radiceski <radiceski at gmail.com>:
> Dear all,
> Is it possible to remove the zoom and navigate control when using a image
> layer?
> I would like to be able to only see the image with no other zoom or pan
> controls.
> Cheers
> Dan
> --
> Dan
> University of Wollongong
> Australia
> SIFE - UOW Chapter - Alumni
> (School of Information Technology and Computer Science,University of
> Wollongong)
> Univeristy of Wollongong - Alumni

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