[OpenLayers-Dev] Layering Print Problem

Nils Weinander nils.weinander at curalia.se
Tue Aug 26 05:55:10 EDT 2008

Erik Uzureau:
> In fact we do not have a good solution in place right now for printing
> an OL map.
> ...but we should. If you have done any work on this and would be interested in
> giving back to the community, please let us know.

Well, nothing that can be done client side (i.e. possible
to include in OL), but we solved the print issue server

The background map and each overlay are fetched in singleTile
mode and stored as temporary files. These are then merged
into one file using JAI and sent back to the browser. Then
the temporary files are cleaned up in some way I can't say
at the moment.

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