[OpenLayers-Dev] blank, not missing tiles

Dejung Gewissler dejung.gewissler at oit.state.nj.us
Tue Dec 2 17:28:53 EST 2008

Hi Everyone,

First I'd like to say thanks to all that have made OpenLayers so great! 
Our sites would not be very exciting without it.

We are about to role out to production our data download site [1] that 
is experiencing peculiar behavior when zooming to an extent. We have 
experienced it on several machines that have tested the site so far, so 
I know it is not just my brain playing tricks on me.

Here are a few addresses that you can search (either click 'search' or 
press enter):
100 Cass St, Trenton
58 Montague Ave, Ewing
5 Smith St, Howell

After that try searching by Municipality a couple of times (arrow up or 
down to select the town and then click 'search'). Try doing several 
searches relatively quickly in succession. The problem is that sometimes 
a tile will not display even though firebug shows it is downloaded (if I 
inspect the element), just white appears where the tile should be, not 
broken image links, etc. If I zoom in or out then the tiles are shown. I 
have not found a pattern to recreate the problem, but it definitely will 
occur if you search enough and maybe pan/zoom with your mouse.

The two map functions are setCenter() for the marker and zoomToExtent() 
for the rest.
The cache is an arcgis server cache. I am not using any esri web 
services, servlets, etc. The tiles are in a static folder that I access. 
The dynamic data comes from geoserver.

I have a feeling that it is somehow related to extjs events and 
openlayers not getting along? Has anyone experienced anything like this 
before? Any tips on where to start looking for a solution would be great.

[1] https://njgin.state.nj.us/NJ_NJGINExplorer/IW.jsp


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