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bartvde at osgis.nl bartvde at osgis.nl
Tue Dec 9 11:33:07 EST 2008

Hi Andreas,

if Mapserver is using the version attribute for the XMLSchema version,
that's a mistake, see:


Best regards,

> Andreas Hocevar wrote:
>> bartvde at osgis.nl wrote:
>>> With 4) I don't really agree, since 0.1 is a very arbitrary used
>>> version
>>> by Mapserver. Since it is the version of the application schema, it
>>> should
>>> not be used at all IMHO. I think the person calling the parser is
>>> responsible for putting the version in the constructor, since he also
>>> knew
>>> the version when doing the DescribeFeatureType request (version is a
>>> URL
>>> parameter there). I've used this approach in the test cases. What do
>>> you
>>> think?
>> Good point. You are right that this 0.1 version is arbitrary, because
>> XML Schema is currently at version 1.1 or something. For now, I really
>> think you are right that parsing the version attribute is an
>> inappropriate way to determine what we have to parse here. So yes,
>> omitting the version detection seems ok for now. If we find WFS
>> implementations out there that return a completely different schema, we
>> will have to cope with this in a different way.
> Wait. The "0.1" that Mapserver returns for the version is indeed the
> version of the XML Schema. So in fact we should have a
> Format.Schema.v0_1 and Format.Schema.v1_0 parser and mix this in for the
> WFSDescribeFeatureType parser.
> At least that is how it should be done. For now, your proposal does
> definitely make sense, at least until we find some other use case where
> we need to parse XML Schema. This can easily be refactored later without
> changing the API.
> Regards,
> Andreas.
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