[OpenLayers-Dev] zoomwheel-only navigation

Eric Lemoine eric.c2c at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 16:13:40 EST 2008

On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 2:45 PM, Christopher Schmidt
<crschmidt at metacarta.com> wrote:
> But yes, 'not need any code' is a bit silly: obviously it needs *some*
> code, even instantiating the existing control requires 1 line :) But I
> don't consider either what you did or what I did to be a serious amount
> of code in the long run. 18 lines of code is not a ridiculous amount --
> and given the amount of code, documentation, etc. we'd have to write to
> support all the combinations that people could want with various
> controls, I'd much rather have little things like that live at the
> application level.

Agreed :-)


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