[OpenLayers-Dev] this.events is null error on map.destroy()

cjwhitmore ceri.whitmore at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Dec 19 09:08:24 EST 2008

This is not correct. Instead, it should be ",this, testSwap". 

 and then in testSwap() I remove the event using the following:
 map1.events.unregister('zoomend',this, testSwap);

If you change the above, this should work, but I can't be sure this is
actually your problem.

"I've made the suggested change, but get the same error message."

Can you share the line number that the error happens on, in a
non-singlefile build? What function it's being called from is important
to solving the problem.

"I've changed project to non-singlefile build. 

Error is on line 1604:             

in Map.js moveTo function. 

It might be relevant that I take the latlon from the map before destroying
it. Which I transform, to center the new map in the different projection



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