[OpenLayers-Dev] Creating custom 3rd party Layers

Andrea Battisti battisti at actgate.com
Fri Feb 1 13:04:30 EST 2008


>> Probably, as you said, it is too complex to getting OL to work in a way 
>> it was not meant to; maybe I should come up with some sort of 
>> server-side wrapper that can be queried with an url and gives back an 
>> image, similar to what a WMS server does.
> This is one alternative. The other is to write a more complex Tile
> subclass -- it's more difficult, for sure, but it's not impossible, and  
> it's not outside the design: just no existing *image* Layers do it.
> (WFS, on the other hand, does, but since it's not an Image tile, it's
> not trivial to see how this would work to a non-developer.)
> If you can figure out a way to write a WMS-like proxy, I'd recommend
> that -- and once you do that, you'll be able to use TileCache with it
> too ;)

I ended up with a server side solution, instead of customizing too much 
the OL code.

Thank you very much for the explanations, and thanks to the whole team...
OpenLayers is great!

Andrea Battisti
Applied Coherent Technology Corp.

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