[OpenLayers-Dev] Google layer and div resize: wrong config or bug?

Diego Guidi diegoguidi at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 15:44:35 EST 2008

Sorry for the cryptic post, I try to explain my problem and tomorrow I
could send a sample code.
I have a "terrible" bug and i need to know if it's due to my mistake
or to a openlayers bug...
I'm creating a website (using openlayers, of course!) that publish WMS
data (from MapServer, but I'm using OpenLayers WMS layer).
This data is published over Google layers: I've prepared three layers
for satellite, maps, and hybrid google data.
So when i use my website, the layerswitcher control shows three map
data (from google) and a bunch of overlays.
All works well (sorry, all works GREAT!), except...
I'm using also ExtJS for create a flexible layout (something like
this: http://extjs.com/deploy/dev/examples/feed-viewer/view.html),
with a center div for openlayers and a right panel for additional
data: the panel size is modifiable with a splitter... and here are the
problems :(
When i resize the splitter (and, i suppose, the center div size
changes) the visible layers (one from google, and my data from WMS)
are sized correctly, but when i try to show another basemap from
google all the images are moved; looks like the tiles from google are
in a wrong position, moved in the upper-left corner from a size that
is not comparable to splitter move (i.e: if i move the splitter for 10
pixels or 200 pixels, the layer movement looks the same).
This problem is with IE7 and Firefox 2.0 (the only browser that I've tested).
I think that the problem is not well explained, so tomorrow i could
try to publish my website so anyone could see the problem abd look at
the source code.
Anyway, anyone has experienced my problem? Maybe should I simply call
Thanks for any kind of support :)

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