[OpenLayers-Dev] New, sexy, popups -- I need your help! -- GIMP/Inkscape users?

Erik Uzureau euzuro at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 03:42:03 EST 2008

Dear Dev and Users,

I have been working the last week or so on getting a new style of
openlayers popups coded and
up to speed.

The original version was developed and graciously contributed by the
folks at CloudAmber.

Two weeks ago, the good and noble Pierre Giraud took the CloudAmber
code and some code
worked on by the amazing people at TOPP, smooshed them together into
the following demo:

...which was an amazing job and the real catalyst in this whole situation.

At the TOPP coding bunker, I took this sandbox, played around with it
a little bit, and came up
with a design that allowed us all the functionality of the above two
revisions, plus:

* inherits from OpenLayers.Popup.Anchored (instead of re-implementing
a ton of functions)
* bubbles up the 'autoSize' and 'panIntoView' functions to the base
Popup class so that everyone
  can use them

and finally

* allows the popup to be framed in all four relative directions (tl,
tr, bl, br) by merely adding some
   new framing code.

The last bit here is where I've reached the limits of my own
knowledge. For whatever reason, I
have repeatedly been unsuccessful at producing an alpha-layered image,
despite valiant efforts.

Therefore, my killer demo of the new, sexy popup looks like this:

The problem, then, is that this image:

is not properly alpha-ized.

And so I ask your help. Is there anyone out there who could help me to
re-alpha-ize the image?
There will be some tricky issues with the shadows, and perhaps it
would be easier to start with
this original one:
..and then add the three new stems yourself.

Anyways, hopefully this email isn't already too long that anyone will
actually read it. If you think
you could help me, please drop me a line.


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