[OpenLayers-Dev] Possible to change draw color for some features?

Ed Fialkowski edfialk at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 15:36:33 EST 2008


I have an openlayers map displaying a WFS for all the counties in the US.
Each county (feature) has a few different attributes (SO2, CO, etc.).

I would really like, if possible, to allow the user to color the features
that have a certain attribute above a certain amount.

For example, user selects SO2 and filters for values greater than 1.0.
After hitting the 'go' button, all the features with these attributes
greater than 1.0 change color.

I have found some code for changing feature styles, but I think this is for
features drawn specifically by the user (or hardcoded, added one at a time,
etc., and not so much for an entire WFS full of features).

If anyone has an ideas, I would be extremely grateful.
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