[OpenLayers-Dev] Trying to make a feature editing demo

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Mon Feb 25 00:01:04 EST 2008

And have some success, some issues.


I created some additional icons, and added them to theme/default/img/ 
and updated theme/default/styles.css, but I can not get the icons to 
show up.

I have been able to hack a trivial save-wfs.php that will handle inserts 
into a postgres database, so you can add features and they persist. Next 
I need to handle modify and delete. I have spent all weekend working on 
this, mostly I have been looking at examples, read the docs and reading 
the code.

Also there is one more thing I can not figure out how to do and that is 
to add a save button to the control panel, instead of having it as a 
link under the map. The control panel will have icons for:


if I can figure it all out. I'm only working with polygons at the moment.

Most of this is code borrowed from examples and posts to the list and my 
own naive attempts to cobble this together. I would gladly take any 
input if someone would like to look over what I have so far. I'm happy 
to contribute that icons, php, and the code back to the examples page if 
this would be worth while.

Thanks for any help and guidance you might be willing to offer. Code 
snippets gladly accepted ;)

-Steve W

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