[OpenLayers-Dev] stop propagation in handlers

Pierre GIRAUD bluecarto at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 09:07:22 EST 2008


In most handlers, in fact those dealing with browser events, we need,
in most case need to stop event propagation, to prevent weird
behaviors. However, I think that propagation stop isn't complete.
Returning false to an event callback doesn't to be enough.
In my code, I play with vector symbols using SVG 'symbol' and 'use'
tags. The latter have a 'href' property with a reference to the
symbol. Ctrl+Click on the corresponding feature on the map opens a new
tab in FF.
I need this Ctrl+Click because I need to select several feature.

I'm not really convinced by this solution but I would prefer something
like following. It seems to work fine for me in my example.

     mousedown: function(evt) {
         this.down = evt.xy;
-        return this.handle(evt) ? !this.stopDown : true;
+        if (this.handle(evt)) {
+            if (this.stopDown) {
+                OpenLayers.Event.stop(evt, true);
+            }
+            return !this.stopDown;
+        } else {
+            return true;
+        }

Any comment on that ?


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