[OpenLayers-Dev] trac ignore_missing_pages

Tim Schaub tschaub at openplans.org
Mon Feb 25 11:51:38 EST 2008


I'm wondering what others think of setting ignore_missing_pages to true 
(in trac.ini) for the OL trac.


1) We can use CamelCase in wiki pages without having trac format them as 
missing pages links.  For example, a page that talks about PowerPoint 
would show that word formatted as PowerPoint instead of _PowerPoint?_ 
(suggesting we should have to create a page about every word with 

2) We can use CamelCase in ticket descriptions and comments without 
having them formatted as missing pages.  Currently, folks use the ! 
escape to avoid this.  This makes things look nice in trac, but adds an 
unnecessary keystroke and makes email notifications look weirder 
(tickets could read "fix SelectFeature control" instead of "fix 
!SelectFeature control.")

Drawbacks (if you like CamelCase):

1) We have to use TracLink syntax like [wiki:NewPageName Page Title] to 
create links to new pages.  Any page that already exists will be linked 
from NewPageName, but to create a new page we would use the wiki:page 

Any thoughts?

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