[OpenLayers-Dev] Map id

Nils Weinander nils.weinander at curalia.se
Tue Feb 26 02:30:23 EST 2008

Hello developers

In OpenLayers 2.5, Map.js line 272 an OpenLayers.Map object
gets its id by

this.id = OpenLayers.Util.createUniqueID("OpenLayers.Map_");

which looks like an excellent scheme for identification.
However, our graphics designer has encountered a problem
due to the ".". The Map id is used in the ids of some child
elements as well, the PanZoom zoombar <div> for example,
which gets an id like


This element cannot be addressed in CSS. Probably the CSS
processing interprets "." as the start of a new class name.

We have locally changed the Map id to

this.id = OpenLayers.Util.createUniqueID("OpenLayers_Map_");

My questions are:

* Is this likely to cause other problems?
* Is the original id scheme to be considered a bug? If so,
   how do I best report it formally?

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