[OpenLayers-Dev] Map id

Nils Weinander nils.weinander at curalia.se
Wed Feb 27 02:23:12 EST 2008

Fr?d?ric Junod:
 > This is not not a good idea to control the CSS by using the id
 > of the html elements: they are generated by a "random" algorithm
 > and can change. You have guarantees that the id will always be
 > "OpenLayers.Map_2.
 > Your graphics designer should use the CSS class instead.

This is indeed the case, but

Christopher Schmidt:
 > And if (as is likely the case) the CSS class isn't set on the
 > element in question, one should be set.

This is the reason for using the Id. The ZoomBar (the "ladder")
and the ZoomBar slider are represented by classless <div>-s with
a background image.

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