[OpenLayers-Dev] "Action element" design choice

Nils Weinander nils.weinander at curalia.se
Wed Feb 27 04:46:31 EST 2008

Christopher Schmidt:
 > You can set title + alt on image tags to get teh same effect in both
 > browsers, where a small tooltip is displayed when hovering over an
 > element.

That should suffice, I think, but we still need the
elements to be reachable by tabbing.

 > I'm +0 on modifying the buttons to be anchors in addition to images,
 > if it's done in such a way that it doesn't change the current
 > behavior.

That is of course a condition.

Tim Schaub:
 > Yeah, see if you can get the effect you want by setting title/alt
 > attributes.  In general, I'm I'm -0 on changing to anchors, since href
 > gets followed whenever there is an error in the onclick code (not that
 > big a deal here, just an annoyance, even for #).

I'll explain the background for this. We are developing a
map-centric web application for a swedish government agency
who have to follow strict accessibility guidelines. I realize
that using an interactive map with keyboard only is probably
not what you want to do, but it is one requirement. Thus our
need for <a href>-s.

I suggest a new top-level flag, e.g.


to turn on anchors. We will probably need to do this regardless,
but would such a solution be an acceptable addition if we submit

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