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For step 1) The Openlayers example "./examples/select-feature.html" shows how to select a vector feature. 

For step 2-3, ,f you are using postgis server side, there was a thread recently on the PostGIS listserv that involved some code for splitting a polygon with a line.  I think this might work for you.  Since you already have the capability to draw new shapes you may wish to change steps 2-3 to:

2) draw a line


and then simply use the function from PostGIS to split your selected polygon. 


The thread pertaining to this is here:





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Hi folks,

i am working on a small geo-editor for an agricultural project in rhine-palatinat/germany, visit http://www.agroconnect.de for more information.
Upto now my editor has the following features:

*         new polygon, plain OL

*         edit polgon, plain OL

*         delete polygon, plain OL

*         union polygon, OL with a javaserver in the backend

Coming feaures:

*         split polygon into 2 elements, OL with server backend

*         group polygons

At the moment i am hanging a bit with the split-feature. 
My idea is

1.      select polygon

2.      select first point/vertix as starting point

3.      select second point as ending point

4.      do split

5.      remove polygon and add the new ones

Step 4 will be done on serverside,but could also be done on clientside.

Any ideas how to realize steps 1-3. Should i use several controls (Select and Modify) or
should i subclass Control.ModifyFeature ?

Any hints will be appreciated.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Yours faithfully
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