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Dipl. Inf. Carsten Eider eider at fh-bingen.de
Mon Jun 16 08:15:35 EDT 2008

Has anyone developed a solution or found a workaround?

OpenLayers schrieb:
> #1483: ModifyFeature control makes SelectFeature control to modify features
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>  Reporter:  openlayers             |       Owner:  tschaub
>      Type:  bug                    |      Status:  new    
>  Priority:  minor                  |   Milestone:         
> Component:  Control.ModifyFeature  |     Version:  2.6 RC1
>  Keywords:                         |       State:         
> -----------------------------------+----------------------------------------
>  If I add ModifyFeature and SelectFeature controls to a map and connect
>  them to the same layers, selection too becomes modification tool. When I
>  select a feature with SelectFeature control I can see and change
>  modification points(vertex) around the feature. The problem seems to be on
>  ModifyFeature control. It connect events to the layer when it is
>  initialized instead of when it is activated. Should those events be
>  connected and disconnect on activate and deactivate operations instead? I
>  attached a file that demonstrates this bug, it is modified from modify-
>  feature.html example. Create polygon and click "select" radiobutton and
>  select created polygon from map.

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