[OpenLayers-Dev] Using Google's roads and annotation on top of WMS/Aerials

John J Reiser jreiser at newrisedesigns.com
Thu Jun 26 23:30:23 EDT 2008

Thanks for the quick response.

I'd really like to start using OpenLayers with TileCache to serve up my
WMS layers. Maybe it's time for me to find/develop an alternative to
Google's annotation layer.


> On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 11:02:55PM -0400, John J Reiser wrote:
>> Hello OpenLayers!
>> I was wondering if it was possible to overlay the roads/labels layer
>> from
>> Google Maps on top of a WMS layer. Right now, using the roads/labels
>> from
>> the G_HYBRID_MAP type either creates a layer with a solid gray
>> background
>> or appears under the WMS layer.
> This is outside the design of OpenLayers. I have seen users hack things
> to do it, but it's hard.
> The problem is that fixed layers (Google is fixed because when you drag
> the map, it doesn't shift) live in a different DOM hierarchy, which
> makes solving this task more difficult.
> I would say that at this point, you'd probably be better using Google
> Maps directly to solve this problem than OpenLayers.
> If there was sufficient interest, research could be done into solving
> this problem; it likely wouldn't be too difficult, just difficult with
> the current code. (I can't comment on how difficult; it's possible that
> funding could motivate further investigation.)
> Regards,
> --
> Christopher Schmidt
> MetaCarta

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