[OpenLayers-Dev] Review Board - code review tool

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu May 8 10:20:55 EDT 2008

On 7-May-08, at 10:45 AM, Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> My first hour playing with review board has been instructive: there  
> is a
> lot of userfriendliness, but it seems that there is some lack of
> understanding on my part or some bugs under the hood that are biting  
> me.
> With that being the case, at the moment, I am against recommending use
> of ReviewBoard for any thing for OpenLayers: our existing revie
> mechanism works well for the most part, and although having the  
> ability
> to comment on patches directly would be nice, it's simply not  
> important
> enough to spend the time working through a somewhat ill-baked review
> tool at this point.

I'm certainly not passionate about it.  I'll provide some feedback  
once we've played with it a bit internally too.  The guy who showed it  
to me was quite enthusiastic about it but I'm not sure how much they  
had actually used it.




    Paul Spencer
    Chief Technology Officer
    DM Solutions Group Inc

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