[OpenLayers-Dev] Problems with PanZoomBar

jachym.cepicky at gmail.com jachym.cepicky at gmail.com
Fri May 23 02:21:46 EDT 2008

when I'm missing some control of openlayers, which should be there
(and firebug shows, the elements are in the DOM model), it is an
problem of CSS.

did you included all necessary css files?


2008/5/12, Darko Radiceski <radiceski at gmail.com>:
> Greetings all,
> I have a project where i display the open layers map in a Dot.NEt solution.
> However i have a problem that i cannot see the PanZoomBar. I have definitely
> included the code to add the control. And the application gives me no script
> errors so i have somethign to chase.
> Anythign that you would advise me to look into?
> Also i encontered a small problem when trying to modify the
> spherica-mercator.html. I just tried to create a div tag that i rezise
> according to my page size. When i try to display the VE map it does not fit
> the full div width and height but rather just small portion.
> I am pretty new to open Layers and this might seem silly questions to some
> of you. I apologise for that and thank you for the help.
> Sincerely
> Dan
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> Radiceski Darko
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> Australia
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> Wollongong)
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