[OpenLayers-Dev] IOL.js: OpenLayers on an iphone (in a library)

Joseph Gentle josephg at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 04:00:53 EST 2008

Nice stuff.

I did some work on this stuff a few months back - but I found that
something about mobile safari's renderer is really slow. Its not
hardware accelerating tile resizes or something.

I ended up doing a from-scratch rewrite of openlayers in objective-c:

There may well be a way to get native performance out of a javascript
library - I'm not sure. The bottleneck is just the renderer as far as
I can tell.


On Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 3:57 AM, whit <whit at openplans.org> wrote:
> hey all,
> this is still baking, but I've done a little writeup on the little
> integration library for mobile safari and OpenLayers that I've been
> working on.
> http://docs.opengeo.org/geospiel/2008/10/31/ioljs/
> It's pretty inchoate and only covers basic navigation, but it's to the
> point where someone could play around with it and get some utility
> (see demo).
> I'd love feedback, or if you are working on similar stuff and this
> approach works for you, contributions.
> -w
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