[OpenLayers-Dev] SVG Format patch q's

Jonathan Lister jon at osmosoft.com
Tue Nov 4 13:31:32 EST 2008


Thanks to crschmidt for rationalising my patches into a single big patch:

Here is an extract from the ticket notes, with questions and comments inline:

> Notes from a real quick run:

>In FF3, the tests throw a weird 'Ci is not defined' error for me. In Safari, the example doesn't work for me. (I don't know why.)

Thanks for checking this out, I'll look into these.

> Your example includes a reference to the Virtual Earth JS which seems unneccesary; I'd recommend just removing it.


> The format doesn't yet support internalProjection/externalProjection parameters: I'd recommend doing so.
> (if this is too difficult, I can help make it happen.)

I have a couple of questions about this, which expose my lack of
understanding of projections! In short, I really don't know how
setting projection parameters controls the appearance of a map or a
layer, nor how one should support this when reading in data. What is a
projection? How do you convert between them?




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