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Tim Schaub tschaub at opengeo.org
Wed Nov 5 19:56:58 EST 2008


John R. Frank wrote:
>> Is it just me, or would others be interested in seeing something like:
>> 4) Add new functionality and make improvements to existing functionality 
>> provided by the library.
> Maybe I'm not understanding what you mean:  Are there types of 
> functionality/improvements that could not justified as supporting one of 
> the other three goals?

Perhaps I am misreading the goals.  I can't think of any *new* 
functionality that would satisfy one of the three goals.

For example.  Lets say everybody thought it was a good idea to add 
labeling support to the vector renderers.

Does this

1) make it easier for both JavaScript experts and also those just
    starting out to adopt and use OpenLayers,

2) make OpenLayers globally known as the easiest way to build rich
    mapping applications,


3) expand the number of people contributing functionality and
    improvements to the OpenLayers code base?

Of course, if you consider adding convenience methods to access existing 
functionality, I guess this satisfies goal #1.  But I'm thinking about 
new stuff.  Not necessarily easy stuff (not that I have anything against 
easy stuff).

Let me know if I am misinterpreting the goals.


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