[OpenLayers-Dev] Format/GML/Base.js problem with multiple typenames

Alexandre Dube adube at mapgears.com
Fri Nov 7 16:59:21 EST 2008

Hi devs again,

  I also had an other problem trying to display more than one typename 
in the same vector layer.  I had to modify ../Format/GML/Base.js near 
line 305.  Here goes :

//Before :
if(local == this.featureType) {

//After :
var bFound = false;
var aszFeatureTypes = this.featureType.split(',');

for (i=0; i<aszFeatureTypes.length; i++){
    if(local == aszFeatureTypes[i]) {
        bFound = true;

if(bFound) {

"this.featureType" contained all 3 names, like "foo1,foo2,foo3" so the 
comparison was always false.  That new way, it checks from each possible 
types, considering they are comma separated.

  BTW, I'm not quite sure I what I'm currently doing ( write on dev 
mailing list ) about theses changes is the correct way to do.  I guess 
I'm still too newb to all this and not sure if I should open tickets or 
show my changes here first.  Any comments on that ?

  Any comments on the changes ?

Alexandre Dubé

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