[OpenLayers-Dev] How do metacarta provide the VPF feed?

Schuyler Erle schuyler at nocat.net
Thu Apr 23 17:01:36 EDT 2009

On Thu, 2009-04-23 at 21:02 +0100, Ian Mayo wrote:
> Does anybody here know how metacarta produce this WMS layer?  I'm
> familiar with VPF, but a google search indicates that the GeoServer
> VPF implementation is a little dodgy - so I presume they're either not
> using GeoServer or not using the native VPF viewer.

It's rendered with MapServer, backed by GDAL/OGR and OGDI. I think I
wrote the map file for it when I was working there, unless my memory is
seriously distorted. They've probably tweaked it since. For example, I
don't remember if we use ogr2ogr to convert the VPF data to Shapefile,
or whether it reads the VPF data directly.


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