[OpenLayers-Dev] Format.GML.Base error

Eric Lemoine eric.lemoine at camptocamp.com
Thu Aug 20 10:41:56 EDT 2009


The GML parser gives js errors on some WFS 1.0 GetFeature requests our
application does. This occurs in FireFox3.

The error is: obj.attributes is null - Line 392 Format/GML/Base.js.
This error occurs because the feature["_attribute"] function is
entered before feature["_typeName"]. By watching the variable
"node.localName" in the feature["*"] function I figured out that we do
not enter feature["_typeName"] because node.localName is "parsererror"
(instead of the name of the feature type). Obviously the actual GML
response does not include any "parsererror" tags, and I think it is
FireFox that sets this in the localName property. I have no idea why
FireFox fails to parse the GML response as it looks perfectly fine to
me, nor does I know why it sets "parsererror" as the node's localName.

Has anyone experienced this?


Eric Lemoine

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