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Bob Basques Bob.Basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us
Sat Dec 12 15:39:49 EST 2009


Do a google search on SLD requests of WMS services.


>>> Ryan Snowden <ryan at boxedthrills.com> 12/12/09 12:37 AM >>>
Hi there

I'm a fresh member and looking for information regarding vector overlays from a public WMS. 

The default base layer I am using is labs.metacarta.com and it has a basic layer amongst other layers like country_01. Are these layers vector layers in that I can control their style? Some of these layers I turn on and they don't really change anything on my map as well.

Basically all I am after is a world vector map of coastal boundaries (low priority), ocean, country names and state names. I'd like to control the colours of the labels, the border colours and the land colour. I'll be adding my own image markers to these so I'm not to concerned about this.

Any help is appreciated.. there doesn't seem to be 1 single resource listing public WMS servers, their layers and any vector layers I can overlay (or maybe I'm typing the wrong thing into google).

Any help appreciated, Thanks
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