[OpenLayers-Dev] Control.GetFeature question

Andreas Hocevar ahocevar at opengeo.org
Fri Dec 18 04:54:38 EST 2009

On 2009-12-18 10:42, Bart van den Eijnden wrote:
> my problem is that I need 1 event before the WFS request is sent, so that I can clear my store for a grid. I also need one after all the featureselected events have finished for the box query, so that I know I am done and that I can reconfigure my grid with the new store.

Yes, I understand that. This is why I suggested creating a
feature*s*selected and beforefeature*s*selected event. Or even more new
events at your convenience.

> Also, is there a good way to have both hover and box? When drawing a box, also the hover goes off, which is a bit unwanted IMHO.

I guess that is a bug, or at least I agree that it is unwanted.


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