[OpenLayers-Dev] Map Rotation

Andrea Aime aaime at opengeo.org
Sat Dec 19 07:57:21 EST 2009

Alexei Peters ha scritto:
> So, if using GeoServer, does the ANGLE parameter apply to all features 
> (WFS, WMS, tilecaches, etc..)? 

Nope. At the moment we don't have it anywhere, but we're not far away
from having the functionality in WMS. Adding it in WFS would not be too
hard, not sure how useful it would be thought (imho the rotation should
be performed in rendering services only, not in those that do provide
raw data).

> Also, you mention that OL has to know how to handle the rotation.  I 
> don't think there's a setting for this now, though, right?

Afaik, there is nothing, right.


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